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Scraper Products
Mayfive Trenching Equipment the leader in replacement parts for trenching equipment. Mayfive Trenching Equipment offers a wide range of superior quality replacement parts for Trenchers parts including: chains, sprockets, rollers, cutting edges and much more. Parts are available for: Case Davis, Vermeer, Ditch witch, Bobcat, Parsons.

Mayfive Trenching Equipment brings the reputation of providing the best quality products at the most affordable prices in the industry.
24" rockwheel attachment with 100mm wide segments

24" rockwheel attachment with 100mm wide segments

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Trencher Tyres

Titan & Galaxy Trencher Tyres
Sizes 38x18x20

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Plow and Pull Blades

Vibratory and static plow and pull blades for direct burial machines are produced from only the finest abrasion-resistant materials. We also have vast experience in this underground application and can easily match the most productive blade for your specific application.

Whether you are burying powerline, fibre, gas pipe or irrigation pipe, Mayfive Trenching Equipment blades will make your job easier and add to your bottom line. Blades are available for all major vibratory plows.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Bits

Mayfive Trenching Equipment is growing hand-in-hand with the underground construction industry. Our growth has now lead us into the supply of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) bits. We offer many different styles and sizes of HDD pilot bits for the Vermeer® Navigator (TM), and Ditch Witch® Jet-Trac (TM) machines.

Other HDD products that Mayfive Trenching Equipment supplies to the directional drilling industry are various styles of backreamer teeth for specific applications, as well as drive chain for the machine's carriage. Roller, leaf and other styles of drive chain are available.

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Bearings, Booms, Augers and More

Mayfive Trenching Equipment is not merely a chain supplier. We also supply a wide variety of other wear products for trenching machines.

Shown here are bearings, booms, augers, belts, and drive shafts. This is just a sampling of the wear parts we have available for trenchers.

Mayfive Trenching Equipment is continually expanding the scope of these product lines and has become the complete source for all of your wear part needs.

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Other integral parts within the digging system are the sprockets and rollers. Mayfive Trenching Equipment supply sprockets and rollers to fit all of the chains that we have available and more. These sprockets are engineered to interact with the chains to enhance the overall performance and wear life of all digging components.

We can also satisfy the majority of your drive system needs. We stock roller chain and most drive, idler, and driven sprockets.

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Cutting Teeth

Cutting teeth may be the single most important component in the entire digging system and Mayfive Trenching Equipment offers the widest selection of cutting teeth throughout the trenching industry.

We supply cup teeth with embedded tungsten carbide hardfacing for nearly all trenchers. We also have many styles of carbide rock teeth, such as: carbide rotary teeth, carbide Terminator® teeth, and groundbreakers. A wide variety of adapters for carbide teeth are also in stock.

The "New" Terminator® Tooth is the most recent and improved version of the old shark tooth.

We supply bare chain, chain assemblies of all variations, and can also handle special requests for digging systems.

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Chain and Chain Assemblies

Mayfive Trenching Equipment Ltd. supplies trencher chain for virtually every machine on the market today. We supply standard OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement chain and we also offer the Trench-All® Heavy-Duty Chain. The Trench-All® Heavy-Duty Chain is designed with many special features, which allow for the longest possible wear life. It is the only chain engineered specifically for today's higher horsepower trenchers.

We supply bare chain, chain assemblies of all variations, and can also handle special requests for digging systems.

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